Update v0.9.5

Big Update!

New Version is here: http://lewnatic.itch.io/dont-trust-henry

– Reworked the whole UI for Unity 4.6
– Fixed a bug where henry nommed invisible birds
– Fixed a bug with angry henry animations
– Fixed a nullreference bug with music
– Fixed clouds not getting the right color while spawning
– Fixed a bug with flickering menues
– Improved performance with checking sound volume only once
– Improved performance with colliders
– Improved performance with flybirds
– Added bat noises
– Added new call functions to check birdnumber and if powerups are used
– Added 5 new Powerups graphics
– Added combo mechanic. Collecting same fruits increases the combo counter and points
– Added cross artwork
– Added winner artwork
– Added music for angry henry
– Added music for the score screen
– Added smooth fadeIn/Out for angry henry
– Added smooth menu sliding for touch
– New powerup happy up added
– New powerup switch time added
– New powerup slow down added
– New powerup frozen birds added
– New powerup more birds added
– Changed position of the side spawners
– Changed sound mechanic for angry henry
– Changed size bonus reduction for eating fruits
– Changed the bonus box mechanic significantly
– Changed grow mechanic significantly
– At night birds are faster
– At blood moon birds are even faster
– Small birds are a bit bigger
– Birds stop moving if the game ends

Cheers! =)

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