Oculus Rift & VoxelIsland.

Today I managed to import the Unity Pro package for the Oculus Rift into VoxelIsland. Works nicely with the dual camera feature. Looking around in the voxel-environment is a bit unusual for me. But the rift is still a stunning tool and I’m really glad its so easy to add the rift-features to the game!
As far as I know, the UnityGUI is not really supported, so I need to switch to a 3D-GUIsystem, which will take some days!

Oculus Rift

VoxelIsland – Powerplant Redesign

Today I was working on the powerplant redesign. I think I can show you the new stuff in the next days. There are 3 new buildings which are the 3 tiers of powerplants. As stated in the “New Resources”-post, you will need Uranium to upgrade tier 1 powerplants to tier 2. :) Uh, and I will get an Occulus Rift soon, so I will able to test how the game will look in VR!


Gamescom 2013

OK guys. I’m visiting the gamescom in cologne, tomorrow. This is the first time for me to visit the gamescom on the developers/press-days. So I’m really excited. :)

Stuff im really hyped about:

– Occulus Rift Full-HD Version.
– Wonderful 101.
– Super Mario World U.
– Donkey Kong U.
– X (dear God, I doubt its playable, though).
– Final Fantasy 15 (same here).
– Half Life 3 (huehuehue).
– Routine + OR.
– Kickstarter stuff (I don’t know if there is anything there but let’s see!).
– A lot of stuff I’m missing.

I will keep you guys informed.


Update – New Resources

I added 3 new resources for upgrading and for creating consumable stuff like rocket-fuel. The ressources are randomly generated on the map and can be easily hauled and stored. Every high-tiered building will need one of those resources. The tier 2 industry factory, for instance, will need 3x carbon. The tier 3 industry factory will need additional 5x carbon. Rocket-fuel is made from oil and is consumed every time you attack enemies with rockets. Rockets can be upgraded as well. In lategame its possible to mount rockets with nuclear warheads.

New Resources


Interface Update!

Hey. I want to show you some progress to VoxelIsland today. I added the upgrade feature to the game. I also remade some of the buildings and created 3 tiers for the industry-building. Upgrading is a nice way to add more performance to your industry – but keep in mind that the high-tiered industry buildings will be a nice target for your opponent. :)

I also remade the User Interface of the game, so that it shows your current ressource as well as the maximum cap for it. Building batteries and storages increases those caps as you can see in the screenshot.

Click for larger Image!

I hope you like the update so far. :) See you guys!

New Gameproject: VoxelIsland

Hey guys!

I’m currently working on a new solo game project called VoxelIsland. :D
Its a procedural Minecraft-like world mixed with an RTS style game. BTW. Don’t Trust Henry is not dead and still in development. There are a lot more new features in the next build of dth and I will keep both projects alive. :)

BI3qG59CAAA86Q3.png large