Update v0.9.5

Big Update!

New Version is here: http://lewnatic.itch.io/dont-trust-henry

– Reworked the whole UI for Unity 4.6
– Fixed a bug where henry nommed invisible birds
– Fixed a bug with angry henry animations
– Fixed a nullreference bug with music
– Fixed clouds not getting the right color while spawning
– Fixed a bug with flickering menues
– Improved performance with checking sound volume only once
– Improved performance with colliders
– Improved performance with flybirds
– Added bat noises
– Added new call functions to check birdnumber and if powerups are used
– Added 5 new Powerups graphics
– Added combo mechanic. Collecting same fruits increases the combo counter and points
– Added cross artwork
– Added winner artwork
– Added music for angry henry
– Added music for the score screen
– Added smooth fadeIn/Out for angry henry
– Added smooth menu sliding for touch
– New powerup happy up added
– New powerup switch time added
– New powerup slow down added
– New powerup frozen birds added
– New powerup more birds added
– Changed position of the side spawners
– Changed sound mechanic for angry henry
– Changed size bonus reduction for eating fruits
– Changed the bonus box mechanic significantly
– Changed grow mechanic significantly
– At night birds are faster
– At blood moon birds are even faster
– Small birds are a bit bigger
– Birds stop moving if the game ends

Cheers! =)

Don’t Trust Henry – Update v0.9.4

Today is patchday!

New Version can be downloaded here: Don’t Trust Henry

– Added Cloud effects for nommed bats at night
– Added some bonus boxes on the bottom

– Tweaked the difficulty a bit (bit harder)
– Performance fixes for initialised gameobjects
– Added graphics for stars
– Changed colors of the moon halo
– Changed look of the feathers sligthly
– Changed physics of feathers


VoxelIsland – Biomes

Hey, its me again!
Just want to show you some older screenshots of different Biomes of VoxelIsland. You will be able to choose between temperate, snow and sand islands in the comming alpha version. Im currently working harder on the next version of Don’t Trust Henry, which will hopefully hit the appstores next month. After that i will have a lot of more time for Voxelisland and another mysterious project im working on. Hope you guys like it. :)



Shader update.

The last days I worked on creating a new shader for VoxelIsland. There was always a problem to understand levelation in VoxelIsland, because there was simply no differential between the height layers. I fixed that by adding a taint color to the texture which is depending on the height of the environment. The new shader simply is a modification of the other height shader. As you can see in the picture, in a temperate world the game gets a bit blueish. I hope you like the update so far.



First Thoughts – Keyfeature. Ramps

Today I want to talk a bit about one of the planned main features for the ground combat of VoxelIsland. The idea is to add ramps to the world generation without a significant performance loss and how to create the ramp layers within the engine. I think I found a way to keep this at a low cost for the game performance, but I need to try it first. The idea is to add 1 layer of blocks to x and z without writing over the recent block layer. The next step is to divide the booled out chain of ramp blocks in different kinds of ramps as in the image below. I will show you the results of this in a couple of days. :)

Possible implementation in VoxelIsland

Different kinds of ramps

(Shots above are references, no ingame shots, nor made by me)

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source: ref2